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Origin Story



An online educational platform business started and sold, a rock band joined, a sudden unimaginable
passion for guitar… and how a BIG PROBLEM was killing my dream.

Ten Years of Experience and Discovery Has
Prepared Us for This Opportunity

One passion has lead to another, and there’s a burning desire to solve yet another BIG Problem.

“The Best Way to Create a Billion Dollar Company is to Help a Billion People.”

– Peter Diamandis

The events that follow are recounted by Dean Strickler, Founder of 10X Guitar Skills.

The Story of How We Got to Where We Are Now

Revolution Golf

Revolution Golf™& Online Education

By Dean Strickler - Co-Founder & CIO

In 2008 I met Justin Tupper at a 3-Day Yanik Silver Marketing Mastermind event that I was invited to as a guest.  After I finished delivering a 45-minute presentation to the group on Internet traffic and conversions (SEO and Pay Per Click), Justin cornered me at the bar.  He shared with me his vision for selling golf instruction online. He had a Master PGA Professional, whose son played on the PGA Tour, they had the perfect “Us vs. Them” story, but their website was getting very few hits.

Justin and I both had a tremendous passion for the game of golf and six months later we went into business together and started the 9-year Journey that became Revolution golf™. What is now argumentatively the #1 online golf instruction community in the world.  Justin developed relationships with some of the top golf instructors and then created instructional video content with them for our website. I was responsible for the audience development and list monetization, which included advertising, landing page conversions and selling our products and services to our audience that grew into the millions.  Our audience was made up of extremely avid golfers, and with the help of a small group of other really smart people, we grew the company to nearly 20 million in annual revenue in a few short years.


The "Dave's Not Here" Band

In 2016 I walked into the restaurant grill at our country club here in San Clemente and discovered some of my friends were having band practice.  I didn’t even know they all played instruments. Having a little experience in live sound mixing in my college days, I sat down to see if I could make them sound a little better.  Before I know it, I’m the “Sound Guy” for the band we named “Dave’s Not Here”.

I’ve always dreamed of having my own home recording studio so I finally decided to go to Guitar Center and purchase all the the equipment necessary for Dave’s Not Here to do fun and exciting live performances. Because everyone sounded so much better, everyone suddenly worked even harder to improve more. Before we know it, we’re doing live performances in front of our friends (100+ people) at the country club.  All the while, I’m watching my friends play the guitar, and asking myself “Why in the world, with two guitars I bought a decade before at home, am I just now learning how to play this amazing instrument?”

Dean Playing Guitar


A month later, my good friend John Quinlan (aka “Quinny”) and I were at Guitar Center looking a “real” guitar for me to get serious about playing on. I finally decide on this beautiful 2016 Fender American Elite Stratocaster (limited edition).  The next thing I know my fingers on my left hand hurt so much (from practicing) that I can hardly even play. On one hand, this was one of the most exciting things I’ve ever attempted to do. On the other hand, it’s also one of the most difficult things I’ve ever attempted to do. I couldn’t understand how so many people made it look so easy, and why it was so difficult for me to figure out.  But I’ve got the bug, and I’ve got it bad.


Soon after Justin and I got things moving, we partnered with TJ Carella, who became our CFO, handled all of our all our contract negotiations, and help to professionalize the business.  Next, we bought on David Baum when we acquired his high-end travel newsletter “Golf Odyssey”, he became our new President and handled the bulk of our business development. About this same time, Lisa Mitchell was made our Cheif Operations Officer, where she made sure the entire company was running smoothly.

It was an amazing team effort, and after nearly two years of negotiation, Revolution Golf™ was acquired by The Golf Channel™ (NBC Sports™) in August a 2017. Suddenly, I have all this free time on my hands (semi-retired) and I decide that there’s nothing I would rather do than play guitar at the highest level. I now have the time and the resources to make my dream a reality.

Revolution Golf


At this point, I’m “All In” on the guitar. I own online guitar instructional courses or monthly memberships from the top 20 online guitar teachers.  Within a few months, I’m now up to 8 guitars, and I’m working with an architect, to double the size of my home recording studio. I’m now also learning how to do home studio recording using Apple’s Logic Pro X (a Digital Audio Workstation software), and we’re even recording our live performances. I’m practicing for hours every day  I have every opportunity to get better on the guitar as fast as one would think possible. But there’s a problem…


Nearly two years into practicing the guitar practically every day, I come to a stark realization that I’m not getting better anywhere near as rapidly as I was expecting. Not even close.  I refuse to buy into the whole “talent myth”, as I believe it’s just a skill and something that anyone that is willing to put the work in, can play at a high level. I start looking at the things I’m frustrated with and start writing these things down.  I come up with 26 different things that I define as “The Problem” with online guitar instruction.

I realize that YouTube is not only overwhelming, confusing, and totally disorganized, but also a major distraction from the courses that I’ve purchased from some of the top teachers in the world.  Looking at the premium content I’ve purchased, it’s not personalized, and none of my favorite instructors can hear me play, or give me feedback on what I’m doing right or wrong. The list goes on and on.  I decide there has to be a better way. I’m thinking that there might just be two ways to go about learning how to play the guitar at the highest level… the “hard way” and the “easy way”.  The thought comes to me that I’ve done this before (in golf) and I can do it again (in guitar).



I began researching online guitar education from every vantage point.  After identifying all of the things about the current online instructional model that was either frustrating, without a clear road-map, or just plain “low tech”, I start thinking about what the ultimate solution would be.

After months of research, talking to other guitar players, and putting together all of my ideas to change the way the guitar is learned online, I formed TenX Guitar. Started building the website and putting the team together to help me realize my vision of making learning the guitar TenX easier.  TenX more fun. But there was still something missing.


In my research, I discover the fact that only about 3% of people actually complete information products that they buy online to improve at something.  It could be anything. From how to lose weight, to how to trade stocks, to how to improve your relationships. One thing is consistent across the board, rarely does someone finish a course that they buy and therefore get little, or no value out of the information.

I then look at all the courses that I’ve purchased and it hits me.  I haven’t finished any of the courses that I’ve purchased either. I’m pretty motivated and have plenty of free time on my hands. Whoops. Again, there’s gotta be a better way.

So, as I’m developing the ideas for how this new 10X platform will deliver amazing value to guitar players around the world, I come across Marissa Murgatroyd’s “Experience Product Masterclass™”.  It’s expensive. As I go through all of her product launch videos, I realize something pretty fascinating. The fact that her students have a 65-70% course completion rate, I’m thinking this is the answer.  It’s a course on how to “create” Experience Products, and rather than selling “information”, selling a “Result”.

I purchase her course for $1,997. I login to the member’s area, and from the moment I laid eyes on the way Marisa’s Experience Product™ platform works, I was certain that I had found the answer to all that is wrong with the way online guitar instruction is being delivered.

It’s a 10-week course, and now that I’ve been through 6 weeks of it (as of this writing), I can say that it’s worth closer to $20,000. It’s amazing. It’s a completely different way of helping people get the actual result they want. But I’ve got ideas on how to take it to a “whole new level”.

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First, let’s take a closer look at The Problem.

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